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A cone with an oval as a base 2011-08-03
From Emily:
Hi, I was wondering how to calculate the surface area of a cone with an oval as a base (which I think is referred to as an elliptic cone or something like that). I have the both the maximum and minimum radius as well as the height, but I don't have a slant height and I'm not sure how to calculate it and then calculate surface area. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks!
Answered by Robert Dawson.
An elliptic cone 2004-02-24
From Ben:

I am building a model for my architecture class. I need to build a elliptic cone out of chipboard and i have no idea how to do this.

The cone needs to be 20in tall and the ellipse has a max radius of 10in and a min radius of 8in.

So my question is how do i lay this out on a piece of paper so that i can form the cone after i cut it out.

Answered by Penny Nom.



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