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Cumulative Frequency Math Question 2013-03-20
From Primadonna:


Please help me solve this question.

Thank you so much.

The cumulative frequency table below shows the length of time that 30 students spent text messaging on a weekend.

Minutes Used Cumulative Frequency
31-40 2
31-50 5
31-60 10
31-70 19
31-80 30

Which 10-minute interval contains the first quartile?

(1) 31–40

(2) 41–50

(3) 51–60

(4) 61–70

Answered by Penny Nom.
Write each frequency as a decimal 2007-10-31
From Jazzy:
Twins are born once in every 89 births. Identical twins are born 4 times in every 1000. Triples are born once in every 6900 births. write esch frequency as a decimal and order the decimals from least to greatest frequency.
Answered by Penny Nom.



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