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A function satisfying f(x) + 2f(1/x) = x 2008-03-25
From Joan:
Let f be a function satisfying f(x) + 2f(1/x) =x for all real numbers (x does not equal 0)
a) Find f(1) justify your answer

b) Find f(2) justify your answer

Answered by Penny Nom.
The limit of a rational function 2007-05-28
From Imad:
     3 _______ 3 _______
lim \/ 1 + x -    \/ 1 - x
x->0 ---- ----------------------------

Answered by Penny Nom.
A functional equation 2002-10-14
From Rob:
Let f be a function whose domain is a set of all positive integers and whose range is a subset of the set of all positive integers with these conditions: a) f(n+1)>f(n)

b) f(f(n))=3(n)

Answered by Claude Tardif.
Dual spaces 2001-11-26
From Hoda:
In the book "Linear Functional Analysis" from Epstein there is a proof (page 116) of the following theorem:

The dual space of Lp is equal to Lq.

Later, it is stated as a theorem without proof that

for 1 <= p < +infinite, The dual space of lp is equal to lq.

Answered by Doug Farenick.
A Functional Equation. 1997-02-26
From Ronald Lui:
Find all functions f:S --> S statisfying the two conditions:

1)f(x+f(y)+xf(y))=y+f(x)+yf(x) for all x and y in S

2)f(x)/x is strictly increasing on each of the interval -1
Answered by Saroop Kaul and Chris Fisher.




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