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Le salinon d'Archimèdre 1999-03-11
From Don Craig:
I am trying to find the English translation of "Le salinon d'Archimèdre" and would appreciate any help. This is a figure, presumably studied by Archimedes, created from 4 semi-circles. Since I can't draw it for you, I will try to describe it with the help of the 5 collinear, horizontal points below.

. . . . . A B C D E 

A semi-circle is constructed on AE as diameter (let's say above AE).

Two more semi-circles are then constructed with diameters AB and DE on the same side of the line AE as the first semi-circle (above it). Finally, a fourth semi-circle is constructed on diameter BD, this time on the opposite side of the line AE from the others (i.e. below the line).

These semi-circles and the region enclosed by them constitute what is called in French "Le salinon d'Archimèdre".

If you know the English name of this curve I would appreciate it if you let me know.
Answered by Harley Weston.




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