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The uniqueness of the lub 2015-10-25
From Aishwarya:
Prove that if the lub and glb of a set exist then they are unique
Answered by Penny Nom.
Scheduling for a bridge club 2015-09-09
From margot:
Can you help me with scheduling our bridge club?
8 rounds are played with four teams together.
There are 16 teams in total, so our schedule should look like eight 4x4 boxes.
(Each round the four teams play each other over the course of the evening)

Answered by Victoria West.
A dinner club schedule 2007-10-12
From irv:
The problem is that I have 12 couples, 1 through 12, in a dinner club, and each couple is host once with 3 of the other couples. he dinners will take place over 4 months. I am trying to not repeat any of the couples. We had the formula for 16 and 20 couples but not for 12. Are you able to help with the groupings for 12. Thanks very much. Irv
Answered by Victoria West.



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