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Sammy and his motorboat 2010-05-11
From Jordan:
Sammy owns a motorboat that travels 4 miles/hour in still water. It goes 12 miles upstream and 12 miles back again (downstream) in a total of 8 hours. Find the speed of the current of the river.
Answered by Penny Nom.
What is the speed of the current? 2007-01-07
From Bob:
A motorboat can maintain a constant speed of 16 miles per hour relative to the water. The boat makes a trip upstream to a certain point in 20 minutes; the return trip takes 15 minutes. What is the speed of the current?
Answered by Haley Ess.
Joe and his dad 2001-08-28
From Sarah:
Joe Spout left a campsite on a trip down the river in a canoe, traveling at 6 km/h. Four hours later, Joe's father set out after him in a motorboat. The motorboat traveled 30 km/h. How long after Joe`s father started did he overtake the canoe? How far had Joe traveled down the river when his father overtook him?
Answered by Leeanne Boehm.



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