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Some non-decreasing sequences 2015-04-13
From Sky:
Hi I'm a Student and i'll try my best to state the problem perfectly.

The number of non-decreasing sequences of size at least 1 and at most N, such that each element of the sequence lies between L and R, both inclusive.

Eg:- N=1 L=4 R=5
ans= 2. [{4},{5}]

N=3 L=4 R=6
ans= 19. [{4},{5},{6},{4,4},{4,5},{4,6},{5,5},{5,6},{6,6} {4,4,4},{4,4,5},{4,4,6},{4,5,5},{4,5,6},{4,6,6},{5,5,5},{5,5,6},{5,6,6} ,{6,6,6}]

Answered by Claude Tardif.



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