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Party favors 2000-02-22
From Krystina Fernandez:
Luanne was making party favors for her little sister's birthday party. Each party favor was in the shape of a cube. Luanne had pink and purple paint to paint the cubes and she could paint each face only solid pink or solid purple (no dots,stripes,ect.).For example, one cube may be all purple, another may have two purple faces and four pink faces. Her little sister wanted to have a different cube for each guest.(A cube is not considered different if it can be turned so that all it's sides match the corresponding sides of another cube.)How many different cubes was it possible for Luanne to make?
Answered by Claude Tardif.
Problem Solving 1998-10-15
From Pamela Fisher:
Can you give me a comprehensive list of problem solving stategies. I teach grade one in a K to 8 school and we are working on improving problem solving at all grade levels. I have heard that there is a list of various strategies that we could adapt to different grade levels. Any help you give me would be appreciated.
Thank you. Pamela Fisher

Answered by Walter Whiteley.



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