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A chain letter 2008-04-10
From Lesley:
In the mail you receive a chain letter with a list of ten names on it. The instructions tell you to send $2 to the person named on the top of the list, cross his name out, and place your name on the bottom. YOu then have to send ten copies of this letter to friends with the same instructions. If no one breaks the chain how much money should you receive?
Answered by Stephen La Rocque and Harley Weston.
Aunt Lucy's letter 2004-06-27
From Olivia:
"Dear bob, now that i am getting on (70 today). i want to give you some of my money, i shall give you a sum each year, starting now. you can choose which of the following schemes you would like me to use.

a) 100 now, 90 next year,80 the yaer after and so on.
b) 10 now, 20 next year, 30 the next year and so on.
c) 10 now, 1.5 times as much next year, 1.5 times as much the year after that and so on.
d)1 now, 2 next year, 4 the year after, 8 the year after and so on.

of course these schemes will only operate while i am alive. i look forward to hearing which scheme you choose and why! Best wishes, Aunt Lucy."

Answered by Penny Nom and Claude Tardif.



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