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What is the spacing for spindles? 2007-06-30
From david:
what is the spacing for spindles? a 12ft railing 17 spindles at 1 5/8in ea
Answered by Harley Weston.
Spacing the spindles for a railing 2003-06-06
From Jennifer:

Scott is a homebuilder. He builds railings in which he places spindles. Spindles ar evertical posts taht are equally spaced beneath a horizontal bar. Scott would like a mathematical model to help him determine the amount of space to put between each spindle. The railing must follow the following criteria: The spaces between each spindle must be equal except for the ones at either end. Theses spaces are smaller. They are half the width of a spindle less than the other spaces. The number of spindles needs to be minimized since spindles are costly.

Help Scott determine what width of space to use between the spindles. Create a mathematical model to determine the width of space between each spindle in termso f the number of spindles. Use an 8' (96") railing that has 2 1/2" wide spindles. Explain your thinking. For safety reasons the maximum width of a space is 4"

Generalize you model to determine the width of spaces for total railing of length L and spindle width s

Answered by Penny Nom.



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