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Three jugs 2004-02-26
From Shelly:
You have three jugs: A 6 Liter, 4 Liter and a 3 Liter. Your goal is to get exactly 5 Liters of liquid in the 6 Liter jug. Your supply of liquid is unlimited and there are NO markings on the containers. You cannot do halves.
Answered by Claude Tardif.
The three jugs problem 1999-09-02
From Kent Lane:
I wonder if you could help me figure out this secondary Discrete Math Problem. I cannot figure out where this comes from.

Here's the question:

You have three containers. Container 1 is a three (3) liter container. Container 2 is a five (5) liter container. Container 3 is an eight (8) liter container that is full of liquid. The goal is to get 4 liters in one of the containers.

Stipulations: There are no marks on the containers to measure out the liquid.

All you know is that 1 is 3 l., 2 is 5 l., and 3 is 8 l. full of liquid.
Answered by Chris Fisher.




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