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trigonometry identity

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A trig identity 2006-12-28
From Courteny:
Prove that 1 - cos 2x + sin 2x (divided by) 1 + cos 2x + sin 2x = tan x
Answered by Penny Nom.
A trig identity 2003-05-20
From Patty:
Please help with the following

1/ tanx + cotx = sinxcosx

Answered by Penny Nom.
A trig identity 2003-02-22
From Ron:
We have spent hours trying to solve the following identity without success. Can you give us some hints as to how it is done?

1 + tan(x) tan(2x) = tan(2x) cot(x) -1

Answered by Penny Nom.
An identity(?) 2002-05-02
From A student:
prove identity sin 2x/1-sinx= secx+1/secx

Answered by Paul Betts.
A trig identity 2001-07-27
From Jeff:
prove this identity and show steps

Answered by Harley Weston.



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