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Sales taxes in Quebec 2010-04-28
From carole:
I work at a company where we use transport companies and we often get credits on their invoices. I need to know how to subtract the sales taxes from these credit amounts. (5% TPS and 7.5% TVQ). Is the equation: Amount / 1.05 = then this amount / by 1.075=?
Answered by Penny Nom.
The size of a TV screen 2007-02-22
From katie:
The ratio of height to width for a tv screen is 9 to 16. How high is a screen that is 30 in. wide? I don't know how to work this, we have to show our work.
Answered by Gabriel Potter and Penny Nom.
12 RTV's 2001-03-27
From Christine:
  1. In order to promote the 2000 Census and encourage participation, 12 Road Tour Vehicles(RTV's) set out from 12 locations across the US for a 10 week promotion tour last February. The RTV's reportedly traveled a total combined distance of 97,911 miles. What was the aberage number of miles traveled in a day by each RTV?

  2. 2. The 12 RTV's mentioned above traveled a total combined distance equivalent to traveling 12.35 times around the earth at the equator. To the closest mile, what is the radius of the earth? Use 3.14 as your approximation for pi.

Answered by Leeanne Boehm.
The aspect ratio of a rectangle 2000-12-04
From Ron Delavigne:
The aspect ratio of this rectangle is 4:3. That is A to B is 3. And B to C is 4. If I know the lenght of A to C is 19 inches, how can I find the length of A to B, and B to C.
Answered by Penny Nom.



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