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Is there an odd and even function? 2001-03-02
From Saima:
Is there a function that is both even and odd at the same time? In other words, is there a function that can pass the y-axis, x-axis, and origin symmetry test?
Answered by Claude Tardif and Penny Nom.
Notation 1999-09-03
From Judy Gray:
My name is Judy Gray. I guess the level on this would be about middle school, and I am an other!! I've been out of school for alot of years. I have a couple of questions, I guess.
  1. What does an equal (=) with a slash through it mean? I put intersects, but I think I'm wrong.

  2. What is the symbol of a small n? Only the symbol is wider. Example: If A = {1.2} B = {2,3} then what is A (n) B? Can you make sense out of that?

  3. What is the equation of the y-axis?

Answered by Penny Nom.
Y-axis 1997-05-29
From Leah:
I know that the proper name for the X axis is the abscissa, but, what is the proper name for the Y axis?
Answered by Chris Fisher.



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