by Lesley Boulanger



Mathematics Topic:learning to use scales and ratios
Stand and Objectives:R-9
Common Essential Learnings:Personal and Social Values and Skills
- communicates effectively with others
- respects persons and the environment
- works cooperatively as a team member
Grade Level:7 - 9
Activity Time:30-40 minutes
Number of Students:whole class in groups of three or four
Materials: - metre sticks, tape measures
- pencils
- paper (scrap and large size)
- map of school
- scissors
- markers
- cooperation of other teachers
Assessment/Evaluation: - each groups area has to connect with the rest of the class' areas
- hand in the sheet of the calculations
  1. Split class up into small groups of three or four and assign each group an area of the school. Example, one group can do the gym, library and the school office. Another group can do all the hallways.
  2. Give each group a metre stick or two or a tape measure. They also need a pencil and a piece of scrap paper. You may want to talk about how to record the measurements with the students before they leave.
  3. The students go and measure their area. Give them about fifteen to twenty minutes to do this. You may want to tour the school to make sure they are on task and behaving.
  4. Have a scale set, such as 1 metre equals 2cm, for the entire class to use.
  5. In their groups, the students are to redraw the school, using the scale, onto their large piece of paper. They have to label the rooms and list the measurements of the rooms on their drawing.
  6. When the drawings are done they are to be cut out and put together. When all! areas are done, there should be a complete map of the school.
Adaptation/Extension: - Extend: to make it more difficult, change the activity so that each student does this with his/her own home.
- Adapt: assign group roles so that there are several things that students can do, so that everyone can feel helpful (e.g. a recorder, a helper, a measurer, etc.)
NOTE:The "Strand/Objectives" and "Common Essential Learnings" are references to the Saskatchewan Curriculum.


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