Ball & Triangle

Origin:Penobscot Nation in Maine U.S.
History:A traditional children's toy, this game was used to develop eye hand coordination skills later used for hunting.
Original Materials:Birch Bark; string; stone or ball
Adapted Materials:Heavy cardboard or wood; string; large bead or ball
Players:single player
Setup:Make a large triangle out of the bark or cardboard, in the center make a hole that is just larger that the ball. Attach a string to one corner of the triangle and tie the ball onto the other side of the string.
To Play:Hold the triangle on the side opposite to the corner attached to the string. The object of the game is to get the ball to drop into the hole by tossing the ball into the air.
Variations:Change the length of the string or add more holes into the bark and give them a point value.
Math Content:Probability and coordination.


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