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I am a student of mathematics at University of Qom. I won gold medal at 38th Iranian Mathematical Society's Competition (May 2014). I live in Iran. I like to create beautiful images by basic mathematical concepts. You can see some of my works at: https://mathematics.culturalspot.org and on the American Mathematical Society site.

art work

This image shows 4,000 line segments. For each $i = 1, 2, 3, \cdot \cdot \cdot, 4000$ the endpoints of the i-th line segment are:
\[ \left(\sin \left( \frac{14 \pi\; i}{4000} \right),\; \cos \left( \frac{22 \pi\; i}{4000} \right) \right) \]
\[ \left( \sin \left( \frac{34 \pi\; i}{4000} \right),\; \cos \left( \frac{34 \pi\; i}{4000} \right) \right). \]



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