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Stewart Resources Centre Update

Many of the math units previously published in print by the STF are, or soon will be, available on line at Math Central at the University of Regina. These units can be located by typing in the keyword phrase "STF" in the "Resource Room" area of the site.
  We have been notified that as of June 30th, 1998, sales of print materials from the SRC will cease. Lending sets of all units will be available for teachers and schools without adequate hardware or Internet access. Additionally, units that can not be mounted on the Web page will be available for borrowing.
  We are also aware that the Stewart Resources Center has Math 10, 20, A30, B30, and C30 resources available for borrowing.

The following units are, or soon will be, available on Math Central.


Plane Geometry-Carol Lockhart

Patterns Here, There and Everywhere-Alice Hanlin and Brian Amundrud

Time Money Temperature-Eileen Danylczuk

Middle Level

Introduction to Slope-Murray Bruce

Measurement, Perimeter and Area-Greg Brososky and Michael Neufeld

Middle Ages-Simon Gareau


Hands-on Geometry-Kathleen Bracken

Get Into Line-Gale Russell

Consumer Wise-Michelle Profeit

Angles and Polygons:Mathematics 10-Keith Seidler and Romesh Kachroo

Against all Odds-Murray Sanders and Eric Hamm

Direct and Partial Variations-Ray Mah >

Math Contest Winners

Almost 3800 Saskatchewan high school students participated in this year's competitions. Winners were as follows.

Canadian Open Competition (Grades 11/12)

Pascal Competition (Grade 9)

Cayley Competition (Grade 10)

Fermat Competition (Grade 11)

Euclid Contest (Grade 12)

We take this opportunity to salute Math Contests Coordinator of many years Gareth Griffith for his continuing efforts on behalf of Saskatchewan students and teachers.

We are also pleased to acknowledge the following top three schools and top students who participated in the Grades 6, 7, and 8 Math Contests.

Grade 6

Greystone Heights School in Saskatoon

Watrous Elementary School

Kipling School

Grades 7 & 8

Greystone Heights School in Saskatoon

Yorkdale School in Yorkton

Biggar Composite High School

Top Students

Xiao Ma (Grade 6), Jamie Leong (Grade 7), and Jared Epp (Grade 8), all of Greystone Heights School in Saskatoon.

News From Nancy Hawthorne, Manager of AG Services, NCTM

"Why do I have to study this stuff?"
"When will I ever use this?"

We hear those questions from youngsters more than we care to repeat. "Life by the Numbers", a forthcoming public television series from WQED Pittsburgh, answers those nagging questions. In seven one-hour programs coming to PBS in Spring 1998, the prime-time series shows that mathematics is indeed everywhere, from the most mundane places to the almost unimaginable.
  While actual airing dates will depend on your local public television station, the series is well-timed for Mathematics Education Month in April.
  An Activity Guide that contains additional information on the series is being distributed through the NCTM Web Site.

Master Teaching Award in Mathematics

by Jolene Holtvogt-Briens

Purpose of the Award: To recognize excellence in teaching, leadership and service to mathematics education.

Eligibility: The awards are distributed according to grade levels and to years of classroom experience as follows.
1.K-5 less than 10 years teaching experience
K-5 10 years or more teaching experience
2.6-9 less than 10 years teaching experience
6-9 10 years or more teaching experience
3.10-12 less than 10 years teaching experience
10-12 10 years or more teaching experience.

The secondary teachers must be members of SMTS while this requirement would be waived for the elementary and middle years teachers.

Nominations: Anyone may nominate someone who they feel is a worthy candidate. The application form and any letters of reference or supporting documentation should be sent before June 30, 1998 to:

Jolene Holtvogt-Briens
2726 Kliman Crescent
Regina, SK
S4V 0M2

The awards will be presented at Focus '98 in Regina in October.

Notice of Motion

Proposed amendments to the S.M.T.S constitution to be raised for discussion and approval at Focus '98.

Clause 4.1 4.1 Regular - Members of the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation (STF) as specified in STF bylaws, or any person interested in the teaching of mathematics shall be eligible for regular membership in this council. All members shall be entitled to full privileges of Society membership including the right to vote and to hold office. (Amended Clause)

Clause 6.4 If warranted the Executive may be expanded to include up to three Members at Large. (New Clause.)

Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence

by Jolene Holtvogt-Briens

For those of you who might or might not know, the deadline for the 1998 Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence is November of 1998. The award has been expanded from Math, Science and Technology to all disciplines of teaching; however, this does not mean Saskatchewan cannot continue to have strong candidates in Mathematics.
  As a 1993 National Level winner of the PMA, promoting this endeavor is an easy task. I cannot state strongly enough what a positive experience this was and how I wish more Saskatchewan Math Educators would pursue this opportunity. Most of you are probably tentative about applying because you think the chances are not good. However, please take this opportunity to apply, for the rewards are numerous and far reaching. Start now and you will have several months to get a quality package of information ready.

Administrators and colleagues - take note of the innovative programs your hardworking math teachers are incorporating within your schools and nominate them.
Math teachers - talk to your Director or administrator about nominating you. Remember, most administrators are busy and forget to consult their talented people when such application forms come across their desk.

Take a moment to consider the rewards. Notwithstanding a generous cash award and a expense paid trip to Ottawa to meet the Prime Minister for the awards ceremony, the professional development gained through several days of interaction with educators from across Canada is invaluable. Your work will also be published in Exemplary Practises so educators throughout Canada can benefit from your ideas. This publication is a good resource to examine to see what types of programs have received recognition in the past.
  There are many direct and indirect opportunities to be gained by being associated with the PMA. For example, I was selected to participate in the coding of national Math Assessment Exams (SAIP) in Montreal this past summer and I am confident that being a PMA winner helped in the selection. For more information including specifics on contents of the nomination package, please contact:

The Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence
Industry Canada, Heritage Place
155 Queen Street, Room 713
Ottawa, ON K1A 0H5
Phone: 1-800-268-6608


Jolene Holtvogt- Briens
Indian Head High School
Box 609
Indian Head, SK
S0G 2K0
Phone: 1-306-695-2208
Fax: 1-306-695-2328

Secondary Resources

The Regina and Saskatoon Public School Divisions have written curriculum-based student resources to support the new secondary program. These books, intended for student use, are copyrighted and cannot be copied by any means. Students find them handy to use when they have missed school and for studying and reviewing. Parents have responded favorably to these resources as they provide a study guide for home use before exams.

Math 10, Math 20 ($25.00 plus GST and shipping)
Contact:Carol Kotylak
1600 4th Avenue, Regina, SK S4R 8C8
Fax: 306-781-7704 Phone: 306-791-8332

Math A30 ($25.00 plus GST and shipping)
Direct orders to:Textbook Center
405 3rd Avenue S, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 1M7
Fax: 306-683-8207 Phone: 306-683-8269
Please send purchase order or cheque.

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