Algebra Grade 8
Teacher notes

Liliane Gauthier
Teacher / Educational Consultant
Saskatoon Board of Education

   Many of these stations have been designed as an assessment tool for the objectives of the new curriculum. However, teachers may choose to use these as introductory activities, practise activities or centre activities.
  These stations lend themselves well to the adaptive dimension of the Core Curriculum. See The Adaptive Dimension in the Core Curriculum available in all schools. The document can be ordered from the Book Bureau (#1655). Changes can be made to the context or to the level of difficulty to adapt to the individual needs in your classroom.
  Similar stations can be created by using activities from textbooks and other resources. Binders that accompany manipulatives are an excellent source of ready-made activities.

  Getting ready . . .
   Station #1
The difficulty of the expressions can be adapted for individual needs.
Station #2
Use test questions for practice cards for students who need extra help.
Station #3
Stacking trays can be borrowed from the secretary or from other teachers. It is important for students to make connections with the real world.
Station #4
Pictures of fences are available in carpenter books and in lumberyard flyers. These are quite abundant in the spring. Actual photos of fences in the community would add interest for the students. This activity can be extended to bridges as well.
Station #7,8
Lego or blocks help students who need to concrete objects to visualize the concept. This station can be enhanced with flyers and brochures from brick companies and with pictures and slides of actual borders in the community.
Station #13
Alge-tiles can also be used for this activity. Refer to the curriculum guide for more information.

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