Performance Stations in Math
Numbers & Operations
Grade 6 - Part 2

Liliane Gauthier
Teacher / Educational Consultant
Saskatoon Board of Education

23. Numbers & Operations
Decimals: Grade 6

N-60, N-61a, b, & c

1.a)Make a line that measures 27cm. Make a dot at the beginning and an arrow at the end.
 b)Make a mark to indicate each cm and label as follows:
 c)Place the letter that is in front of each decimal number to show its location on the number line. An example of the first one is modelled on the above number line.
A.1.5    B.5.3
C.9.09    D.5.50
E.0.4    F.6.990
G.7.8    H.0.99
2.Suppose you wanted to write 5.3, 2.3, 5.03 and 5.23 in order of increasing size. Explain how you could use the
 a)the number line you just made
 b)the place value of each digit

25. Numbers & Operations
Integers: Grade 6

N-33, N-34

  construction paper
  containers with water
    a.  hot water
    b.  warm water
    c.  water at room temperature
    a.  cool water
    a.  ice water (with ice cubes)
    a.  salted ice water (with ice cubes)
1.Place a thermometer in each of the containers of water and leave for several minutes as you work on this station.
2.Design an elevator panel for an apartment building that has 15 floors above ground level and three below ground level. The first floor below ground level is a parkade while second floor below ground level is a health spa and the third floor below ground level is a shopping centre. (There is no 13th floor!)
  On the other side of your panel list all the names that you gave each floor and write their integral equivalent (positive and negative numbers).
3.Look at the temperature indicated by each thermometer in your first activity and make a table to record the measure.
a. hot water 
b. warm water 
c. water at room temperature 
d. cool water 
e. ice water (with ice cubes) 
f. salted ice water (with ice cubes) 

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