Ratio and Proportion Grade 6
Teacher notes

Liliane Gauthier
Teacher / Educational Consultant
Saskatoon Board of Education

   Many of these stations have been designed as an assessment tool for the objectives of the new curriculum. However, teachers may choose to use these as introductory activities, practise activities or centre activities.
 These stations lend themselves well to the adaptive dimension of the Core Curriculum. See The Adaptive Dimension in the Core Curriculum available in all schools. The document can be ordered from the Book Bureau (#1655). Changes can be made to the context or to the level of difficulty to adapt to the individual needs in your classroom.
  Similar stations can be created by using activities from textbooks and other resources. Binders that accompany manipulatives are an excellent source of ready-made activities.

Getting ready . . .

Station #2
You could add other products to this activity such as jello and instant pudding boxes, soup cans, etc.
Station #5
Collect flyers etc. throughout the year for this station. Many flyers are distributed in the month of December.

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