Performance Stations in Math
Ratio and Proportion Grade 8
Teacher notes

Liliane Gauthier
Teacher / Educational Consultant
Saskatoon Board of Education

   Many of these stations have been designed as an assessment tool for the objectives of the new curriculum. However, teachers may choose to use these as introductory activities, practise activities or centre activities.
  These stations lend themselves well to the adaptive dimension of the Core Curriculum. See The Adaptive Dimension in the Core Curriculum available in all schools. The document can be ordered from the Book Bureau (#1655). Changes can be made to the context or to the level of difficulty to adapt to the individual needs in your classroom.
  Similar stations can be created by using activities from textbooks and other resources. Binders that accompany manipulatives are an excellent source of ready-made activities.
  Getting ready . . .
   Station #1
Add, change or delete cards as you wish to adapt for your students,
Station #2
You may need to change the colors to suit the cubes that are available in your school. Rainbow cubes sold by Addison-Wesley are excellent for probability activities.
Station #3
Make cards by cutting out sale items or regular priced items that are sold in multiples and some that are not. Glue on cardboard and laminate.
  You can "make" protractors by photocopying an original one, cut and paste it several times on sheet of paper and then making an overhead transparency. Individual protractors can then be cut out for use. You may have to experiment with the first copy until the numbers are clear by adjusting the lighter to darker feature on your photocopier. A very inexpensive way to make protractors!!!
Station #5
A good time to save advertisements is during the Christmas season. There seems to be more flyers before other holidays or at the end of each season.
Station #6
Invite the students to interview a realtor about their job. Have the students choose how they would like to present their findings to the class. Or, you may wish to invite a realtor to the classroom to present to the students.
Station #7
Each local newspaper features Real Estate Ads on a certain day of the week. All Real Estate companies also have weekly flyers.
Extension: Try to get flyers from different areas such as rural, urban, large city, different provinces to encourage students to understand how the cost of living differs with location.
Station #8
Architect blue prints are available from construction companies that build and sell homes and from lumber stores that sell homes.

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