11 Conduct probability experiments, and explain the results, using the vocabulary of probability.
Jason twirled the spinner shown several times and kept track of the colors on which the spinner landed. Unfortunately, he mixed his list up with some others. Can you help him figure out which list is his?

  Materials: overhead spinner, blank spinner mat, regular six-sided die.

  • Construct a spinner mat that would give results like that of:
    • rolling a six-sided die.
    • rolling a four-sided die.
    • sums obtained by rolling 2 four-sided dice.
    • sums obtained by rolling 2 six-sided dice.
    • the number of heads showing after flipping 3 coins.
  • Conduct an experiment to compare your spinner against the actual die, or dice or coins.
  • Write a sentence for each to explain why they give the same results.
  Materials: event cards, overhead spinner, spinner mat (1-4), regular six-sided die, 4 beans, paper cup, coin, paper bag (containing 5 blue, 3 red and 2 yellow tiles), deck of cards (A to 10 in one suit only).

  • To start the game, each player draws 4 event cards. Lay them in order face up.
  • On your turn take the appropriate equipment for the first card, and spin (or roll or draw from the bag).
  • If successful, turn that card over and pass play to your opponent. If unsuccessful, pass play to your opponent.
  • First person to turn over all 4 cards is the winner.
  • If the event that turns up is not useful to you, but useful to your opponent, your opponent may flip that card!
  • Allow players to flip any of their four cards on a turn, i.e., that cards do not need to be flipped in order.
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