Strand: Data Management

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Skittle Graphing

Making and interpreting graphs

Make graphs based on numbers of Skittle colors, answer questions on task card

# of bags of Skittles




Practice predicting and understand probability concept

Predict how many times each number will come up on a dice if it is thrown 60 times. Fill in a chart to keep track

1 - small group


data sheet

Hair Graph

Graph using real materials, interpretation

Collect hair and use yarn to make a graph of hair lengths

1 or 2



Magazine Data

Classification and analysis of data from a magazine

Use statements on task card to classify the ads in a magazine.

1 or more



Baseball Cards


Design different ways to classify baseball cards and record the methods used.

1 or 2


student data sheet

Lego Graphs

Survey Design, graphing of results

Decide on information to collect, collect the data, and use the Lego blocks to "build" a graph

1 or 2




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