Strand: Measurement

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Dinner Time

Time Measurement

Task card describes a meal being prepared, student must decide when to start each food to all be ready at the same time

1 or small group


clock pattern

Body Parts


Use string to measure wrist, neck, and waist. Make comparisons, look for relationships.

1 or 2


data sheet

Perimeter and Area

Measuring and relating perimeter and area of a figure

Design shapes ( using blocks) according to instructions on the task card, changing the perimeters and areas of figures

1 or small group



Play Dough

Length, volume, area, perimeter

Use play dough to estimate and measure volume. Follow task card instructions to make lengths, cover areas, measure perimeters

1 or small groups



Comparing Cylinders

Surface area/ volume

Students note the difference in capacity of containers made from the same sizes of paper but formed into different dimensions

1 or small group



Estimating Length

Estimating, deciding on units of measurement

Estimate and then measure a number of objects to get practice in estimation, measuring, and choosing units to use.

1 or small group


student data sheet


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