Art and Math may at first seem to be very differing things, but people who enjoy math tend to look for mathematics in art.  They want to see the patterns and angles and lines of perspective.  This is why artists like M.C. Escher appeal to mathematicians so much.  There is a large amount of math involved in art, not to mention basic things like measuring and lines, but the intricacies of art can often be described using math.

art work

This image shows 2,000 line segments. For each i=1,2,3,...,2000 the endpoints of the i-th line segment are:
\[\left( \sin\left( \frac{10 \pi i}{2000}\right),\; \frac12 \cos\left( \frac{2 \pi i}{2000}\right) \right)\]
\[ \left( \frac12 \sin \left( \frac{2 \pi i}{2000}\right),\; \cos \left( \frac{10 \pi i}{2000}\right) \right).\]

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