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Accident Reconstruction
Specialist use complex formulas and advanced mathematics to find out the series of events leading up to, during, and after a traffic accident. Their opinions and findings are used as influential evidence in court.
Chemotherapy Drug Combinations
The Cross Cancer Institute (Edmonton, AB) wanted to optimize chemotherapy treatments to help block cancerous proteins from proliferating throughout a patient’s system. Specifically, they are looking to provide the best possible combination of chemotherapy drugs to block cancers from proliferating – by knowing the optimal combinations, we can reduce the amount of drugs the patient needs to take, which in turn should reduce the side effects that they experience.
Making Money with Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin relied on compound interest to leave a hefty donation to the cities of Boston and Philadelphia in 1790. Compound interest is what makes people (and banks) money.
Math in the Squad Car
While on patrol, police officers need to apply their math skills for a variety of tasks.
The Police
Officers in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) use a variety of math concepts everyday in their line of work. They use math while on patrol and more specifically in accident reconstruction and crime scene investigation.



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