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The art of Hamid Naderi Yeganeh
Hamid Naderi Yeganeh is a student of mathematics at University of Qom in Iran. He likes to create beautiful images by basic mathematical concepts.
Earthquakes and Math
Earthquake scientists (seismologists) use circle geometry to locate the epicenter of a quake and logarithms to classify its severity using the Richter scale.
Epicenter of an Earthquake
The epicenter of an earthquake is located by using circle geometry and special devices called seismometers.
Games of Strategy
The strategy behind particular games, such as chess, sudoku, or mancala, can be mathematically analyzed as Combinatorial Game Theory.
The Global Positioning System and Circles
The Global Positioning System is based on common mathematical equations of distance and speed. Trilateration enables GPS receivers to find the latitude, longitude, and altitude of a receiver, anywhere on the earth.
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Leonardo DaVinci and the Golden Section
Leonardo DaVinci created many masterpieces that depicted the golden ratio and other elements of mathematics.
Linear Programming
Linear Programming is using linear equations and inequations to maximize profits and minimize costs. Linear Programming is an important part of operations research.
M. C. Escher - Impossible Mathematical Art
Playing with impossible spaces, Escher became an artist famous for abstract pieces that mystify the mind and play with our perception. Using his naked eye and basic art tools, he was mathematically correct, to the millimeter.
The Mathematics of Art
The link between mathematics and art can be realized by considering artists like Leonardo DaVinci and M. C. Escher, as well as through the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence.
Ratios and Proportions Used in Medicine
Nurses particularly use proportions on a regular basis when following doctor's orders.
The Richter Scale - Measuring Earthquake Magnitude
Earthquake scientists use logarithms when they measure the strength of an earthquake on "Richter Scale." That means that a magnitude 9 earthquake, like the big 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake, is ten times as powerful as a magnitude 8 earthquake.
Spelunking is a recreational sport in which "spelunkers" explore systems of caves, either on land or underwater. This problem deals with the idea of finding a spelunker who has become lost in a system of caves. The general idea is that the spelunker is lost in a cave system that has been mapped out on previous expeditions, so that when a search party is sent in, they know all the corridors and paths that they can take within the system.



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