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CAT Scans
CAT scans use tomography, which is the detailed imaging of sections, to find a more in depth, three-dimensional view of an internal organ, most commonly the brain.
Medicine and Math
Doctors and nurses use math every day, doing routine tasks such as writing prescriptions or administering medication to patients. Math can also be seen in more advanced medical procedures such as CAT scans and the treatment of kidney stones.
Ratios and Proportions Used in Medicine
Nurses particularly use proportions on a regular basis when following doctor's orders.
Understanding Prescriptions and Medicine
When writing prescriptions and ordering medication for patients, doctors must know how to complete accurate conversions, understand percentages and geometric sequences, and work with ratios.
Using Math to Find Your Body Mass Index (BMI)
Although there are advanced machines that digitally find a person's BMI, you can also find it manually using an equation.



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