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Airlines and Linear Programming
Airlines use linear programming to maximize profits on ticket sales, organize pilot schedules, and to make money!
Chemotherapy Drug Combinations
The Cross Cancer Institute (Edmonton, AB) wanted to optimize chemotherapy treatments to help block cancerous proteins from proliferating throughout a patientís system. Specifically, they are looking to provide the best possible combination of chemotherapy drugs to block cancers from proliferating Ė by knowing the optimal combinations, we can reduce the amount of drugs the patient needs to take, which in turn should reduce the side effects that they experience.
Linear Programming
Linear Programming is using linear equations and inequations to maximize profits and minimize costs. Linear Programming is an important part of operations research.
The Manufacturing Industry
The manufacturing industry relies heavily on advanced mathematics and linear programming. This is a small listing of the many industries that use linear programming in their operations research.
Moored Ships
Mooring large ships both in open water and at port is an issue of safety. The problem finds how to safely constrain a ship at dock, minimizing itís movement to ensure that it can safely be loaded and unloaded.
Piped Water Cooling of a Concrete Slab
Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world. Through a process called mineral hydration, the cement bonds the other components together and forms a rock like structure known as concrete. The reaction between cement and water is highly exothermic so if the hydration process occurs too quickly the concrete will not form strong bonds. It is desirable to slow down the reaction by cooling so the structure of the concrete will not be compromised.



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