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The art of Hamid Naderi Yeganeh
Hamid Naderi Yeganeh is a student of mathematics at University of Qom in Iran. He likes to create beautiful images by basic mathematical concepts.
The game of chess has many mathematical applications, other than the obvious concepts of problem solving and logic.
Construction and Design
Architects, engineers, design professionals, and everyday people use math in construction and design. Math can be seen in architecture and design through symmetry, frieze patterns, bridges, and construction problems that are encountered by people everyday.
Games of Strategy
The strategy behind particular games, such as chess, sudoku, or mancala, can be mathematically analyzed as Combinatorial Game Theory.
Music, Math, and Patterns
We use math to read music, to describe and define music, and to create beauty witin music. Math and music relate through patterns.
Symmetry in Design
Symmetry includes more than just basic line symmetry and can be seen in frieze patterns, chaos, and more complex forms of symmetry including rotational, spiral, cylindrical, chiral, similarity, and translational. Finding these different patterns requires mathematical transformations.



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