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Ratios and Proportions Used in Medicine
Nurses particularly use proportions on a regular basis when following doctor's orders.
Reading Notes in Musical Pieces
Time and fractions are important elements to understand when reading music notes.
The Richter Scale - Measuring Earthquake Magnitude
Earthquake scientists use logarithms when they measure the strength of an earthquake on "Richter Scale." That means that a magnitude 9 earthquake, like the big 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake, is ten times as powerful as a magnitude 8 earthquake.
Spelunking is a recreational sport in which "spelunkers" explore systems of caves, either on land or underwater. This problem deals with the idea of finding a spelunker who has become lost in a system of caves. The general idea is that the spelunker is lost in a cave system that has been mapped out on previous expeditions, so that when a search party is sent in, they know all the corridors and paths that they can take within the system.
Suspension Bridges
Suspension Bridges encompass many mathematical concepts including its parabolic shape, the length and measurements of the bridge, the forces acting on the bridge, and elements of weather.
Symmetry in Design
Symmetry includes more than just basic line symmetry and can be seen in frieze patterns, chaos, and more complex forms of symmetry including rotational, spiral, cylindrical, chiral, similarity, and translational. Finding these different patterns requires mathematical transformations.
Understanding Prescriptions and Medicine
When writing prescriptions and ordering medication for patients, doctors must know how to complete accurate conversions, understand percentages and geometric sequences, and work with ratios.
Using Math to Find Your Body Mass Index (BMI)
Although there are advanced machines that digitally find a person's BMI, you can also find it manually using an equation.




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