Name: RJ

Who is asking: Student
Level: Secondary

Question: in a class with 22 students, the average garde on an exam was 68%, in another class with 32 students, the average grade on the same exam was 78%, what was the overall for the two classes? round your answers to the nearest whole number.

Hi RJ,

While it would be tempting to just average the two averages, that would be just too easy. To find the overall average of the two classes we must remember what the "average" in this case would be. That is, it is the total of all of the scores on the test divided by the total number of students. We know the total number of students, but we need to calculate the total scores on the test.

The first class of 22 students averaged 68%. Therefore we can calculate the total of this class's scores using the formula for calculating averages:

Average = (total score)/(total # of students)
0.68 = (total score)/22
0.68 x 22 = total score
Can you see how to finish this problem off now?


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