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Mathematicians at Work

Mathematics with a Human Face is a project sponsored by a grant from the Endowment Fund of the Canadian Mathematical Society awarded to Judi McDonald and Harley Weston. The goal is to highlight the human face of mathematics and illustrate that it is an exciting discipline with a rich history, a thriving present and a vibrant future.


The second phase of this project is the creation and distribution of the careers pamphlet shown on the left. The first phase was the creation of the careers poster, and the careers quilt on Math Central.

The poster was designed by Bruce Weild Illustration and Design and printed by Western Litho Printers Ltd. Support for the printing and distribution was obtained from The Imperial Oil Foundation.


We want to thank the people who helped in these phases of Mathematics with a Human Face, in particular the mathematicians who volunteered to appear on the poster , quilt and pamphlet.     —Judi and Harley



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