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Where do these listings come from?
These web sites are ones we have encountered or have been suggested to us. What we do is look at the web site to ensure it fits well with our mission of math education and we perform a content and numerical assessment (more on this below) of attributes we think are important for our audience. If we like the site, we post it here with our review.

If you know of a good web site that you think would be helpful to other mathematics learners, please send the web site address to us, along with comments about any feature or content you think is particularly good. We look at all the suggestions and if we agree that those websites are good ones, we'll list them here.

You can email us your links at email us.

When we review a site, we look first to ensure it has enough mathematical content to warrant its inclusion. We then try to determine the appropriate grade (school year) that the content is trying to teach and whether the information is most appropriate for students, teachers and/or parents. If a web site is focussed on a particular set of instructional strands (such as Geometry or Problem Solving), we take note of that. Many sites cover a broad spectrum of mathematical topics though.

Once this content assessment is done, we assess the site for the attributes below, from which a numerical rating is derived. We currently have 88 sites listed and the average rating (the mean) is 83.4 out of 100.

Currency: How current is the site? Has the revision date been posted? Is it current? Are there obvious signs of recent activity?
Content: Is the information related to the curriculum? Is the information accurate and thorough? Is the information in good taste and interesting?
Authority: Are the authors identified? Are they qualified to be giving this information? Can you contact them?
Navigation: Is the infomation in a readable format? Can you easily see how the site is organized? Is there consistancy and a link back to the home page within the site? Are the links to other sites relevant?
Experience: Is the site worth the time and a pleasure to use? Does it fufill the intended purpose?
Graphics: Are diagrams, photos, sound and multimedia used effectively? Do they make a good contribution or are they distracting? Are there too many domineering and/or unrelated ads? Do the graphics and multimedia make it easier to learn mathematics?
Treatment: Is the page free from stereotyping? Is is appropriate for the intended audience? Does it rely heavily on the experience of a single country or measurement system? Is it well-designed for learners from anywhere on the web?
Access: Does the web server respond quickly? Can you get to the page through search engines? Does it run on a conventional web browser without any extra software installations?
Miscellaneous: Has the site recieved awards from recognized math and educational organizations? Is there any cost involved? Does the site pose any privacy concerns? Can you easily print pages without changing your system configuration? Does the site have its own search engine to quickly locate material?



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