I am a student at Whitetboro high school. I am duing a project in math on polynomials and exponents. I need a real life usage of polynomials and exponents for my project. This will be a big help thank you for your time.


There is an answer to a similar question that already appears in our database. It has some examples of uses of polynomials.

Here is another use of polynomials and exponents. If you invest some money, say $P, the annual interest rate is r and the investment is compounded m times per year then the accumulated amount after t years is

P(1 + r/m)mt

The exponent here is very importany. It is the number of times the investment is compounded over the t years. For example if you invest $1,000.00 at a rate of 8% compounded four times per year, then after 3 years your investment would be worth

$1,000(1 + 0.08/4)4x3 = $1,268.24 Cheers,
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