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I'm in the process of purchasing some land and I'm trying to figure out the square footage of the property.  Unfortunately, it's be a while since I had to remember this  type of formula.  The property is 140 ft on left side, across the back it is 220.61 ft, the right side is 167.52 ft, the frontage is 105 ft. Please help me.  I believe this problem would be a high school level question. 
                                                   Thank you,


Hi Cassie,

A lot with the dimensions you stated can have many different shapes and many different areas. To determine the area of the land you are considering I need more information. Can you tell me the length of one of the diagonals or the measure of one of the angles? In particular is one of the angles a right angle? If so, which one?

There is a more complete explanation of why the four lengths do not contain enough information to determine the area in our reply to an earlier question.



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