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jackson wrote:

We would like to put 2 inches of sand down. The pool is 24 feet.
How much sand will we need?
The person we spoke to yesterday was talking in tons, but on these sites it is
talking cubic yards or feet.
Please help. We would like to get the sand ordered so we can get the pool up!


Will our volume calculator help you?

If you need further assistance write back.


Jackson wrote back

I get 0.28294 cubic yards = 7.6394 cubic feet
However how do I know how many tons to ask for?

The weight of this amount of sand depends very much on the density of the sand being used and the amount of moisture in the sand. I suggest you tell the supplier how many cubic yards you need and let the supplier determins the weight. If you need the weight I suggest you look at a response I sent to Thomas in response to a similar question.



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