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Question from Lee, a parent:

I am building a "cardboard" spaceship for my 4 year old grandson.
The cabin is a dishwasher box with a cool control panel and ellipse shaped
I really need help designing the cone or"nosecone".
The diameter of the base is 26", 24" tall, with a 6" diameter opening
at the top.
Thank you for the help!

Hi Lee,

Neat project!

I am going to use the same diagrams and notation as in my response to Russell. In your situation I got x = 7.2 inches, |CA| = 31.2 inches, |AD| = √(31.22 + 132) = 33.8 inches and |AD| = 7.8 inches. The angle t then has measure 138.46 degrees.

Draw two semicircles with the same centre and radii 33.8 inches and 7.8 inches. Remove a sector from one end with central angle of 360 - 138.46 = 41.54 degrees.

Good luck with this,

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