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Q0uestion from Paul, a parent:

I'm trying to calculate and make a cone. I've found helpful information
on your site but it just doesn't quite answer for me.

I am making a cone with a base diameter of 1300, a top diameter of 500, a side length
800. I need to workout so I can draw it out flat, cut it out, and make into
a cone.

Hi Paul,

What you have is a truncated cone. You didn't give units but I expect they are millimetres.

Look at Penny's response to Russell's question. Using your dimensions and the notation from Penny's response I get x = 500 mm. This then gives |AD| = 1453.44 mm and |AE| = 559.02 mm. The arc FD in the second diagram has length 1300 π mm which gives me the angle measure of t = 161 degrees.

You should check my arithmetic.


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