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Question from mukulu, a student:

Please help I've been trying to search in your data but i failed to get the solution Find the equation of a straight line joining the feet of the perpendiculars drawn from the point A(1,1) to the line 3x-3y-4= 0 and 3x+y-6=0.

Hi Mukulu,

First find each of the perpendicular lines that pass through the point (1,1). The given lines and their corresponding perpendicular lines will intersect at a point which can be found using some simple algebra. These intersection points are the perpendicular feet. Once you have two points of a line, you can find the equation of the line that passes through them.

I included the graph of all of the lines involved in the question. The given equations are labeled (written in slope-intercept form) and the answer is in blue.

Hope this helps. Write back if you still can't get the answer.


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