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Question from Zoe, a student:

How do you divide numbers that are in base 11?

For example;

9A7A6A divided by A

Please help me! :) I need the answer quickly!

Hi Zoe,

A few years ago I responded to a similar question but the numbers were is base 7. Have a look at what I did and follow the same procedure for your problem. That problem starts with two numbers in base 10 and converts them to base 7 first so you can ignore the first paragraph and start with the paragraph that begins "Before I actually start the division". The multiplication table you need begins

$1 \times A_{11} - A_{11}$
$2 \times A_{11} = A_{11} + A_{11} = 19_{11}$
$3 \times A_{11} = 19_{11} + A_{11} = 28_{11}$

and so on up to $A_{11} \times A_{11}.$

Using these values complete the division.

Write back if you need more assistance,

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