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Question from Abhinav, a student:

Meerut is 60 km from Delhi. Find the nearest second the angle subtended at the center of the earth by the arc joining these two points,earth being regarded as a sphere of 5940 km radius.


Look at my response to a question from Cherrielyn. In the diagram imagine that Meerut and Delhi are at the ends of the arc $A$ which is 60 km long and $r$ is the radius of the Earth which you have as 5940 km. Cherrielyn knew the measure of the central angle, $t^o$ and the radius $r$ ad she was looking for $A.$ In your case you know the radius $r$ and the length of the arc $A$ and you are looking for $t.$ The logic and the relationships are the same in your problem as in hers.


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