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tan15 2016-04-11
From JOHN:
find the exact value of tan15 in surd form.
Answered by Penny Nom.
A schedule for a league with 15 teams 2015-12-05
From Zac:

I have a league schedule question. We have a league where we have say have 15 teams. Each team is to play each other twice during a 10 week session.
However each team tries only to play 3 matches(teams) per night(week).
How would we set up a random schedule for the 10 week session?

Answered by Victoria West.
A 15 team tournament 2015-10-28
From Joseph:
We have a 15 team tournament. Each team plays all other teams. We need a schedule were each game has a work team. Thus at each fields we have two teams playing and one working. All teams need to play each other and also be a work team. Any help would be appreciated!!
Answered by Victoria West.
Golf for 15 2014-08-11
From Brian:
I am trying to arrange 5 rounds of golf for 15 golfers. We will play 5 in a group, 3 groups per round, 5 rounds. I would like everyone to play with everyone else. Secondary objective would be for no one to play with anyone else more than 2 times.

Thank you.

Answered by Victoria West.
16 golfers over 15 weeks 2014-07-11
From Steve:
I need a schedule for 16 golfers over 15 weeks, where each golfer is paired with a different golfer each week and plays 4 matches per week against 4 different pairs (each pair does not have to play each week)
Answered by Penny Nom.
Golf :15 players over 4 days 2014-05-02
From michael:
We are playing with 15 players over 4 days. We plan to have 3 people in each group. A total of 5 groups with 3 players each. Can I arrange for each player to play with other players only 1 time?
Answered by Victoria West.
15 golfers 3 rounds fivesomes 2009-12-23
From Dewey:
I have 15 golfers playing 3 rounds of golf. We will be playing in fivesomes. Any formula that has everyone playing with a different person each round?

Thank you. Dewey

Answered by Robert Dawson.
A 15 acre lot 2009-09-26
From Ronald:
The front and back are equal and the two sides are equal what would what would be the dimensions of a 15 acre lot?
Answered by Harley Weston.
Golf for 15 2009-08-18
From Judy:
We have a group of 15 golfers that play a scramble with groups of 3. The problem is we play for 14 weeks. We want every player to play at least once with everyone and no more that 3 times. I am working on this and have just about accomplished the schedule, but with a few playing more than 3 times. I'm sure there must be some mathematical calculation to do this but I have yet to figure it out.
Answered by Victoria West.
Divisibility by 15 2004-12-19
From Lisa:
My son was asked to find divisiblity rules for 15. We have been unable to find the answer. Does it exist?
Answered by Leeanne Boehm and Denis Hanson.
A fifteen sided polygon 2004-03-05
From Joann:
Answered by Penny Nom.



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