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Misuse of greater than 2019-03-07
From Kenneth:
I have an old business mathematics textbook. The authors have indicated that the following expressions indicate multiplication:

? is 2/3 greater than 90; ? is 2/3 smaller than 90. They also indicated that the following expression would indicate division: 30 is 2/3 greater than ? and 30 is 2/3 smaller than ?.

How can these phrases indicate multiplication and division? How can 60 be 2/3 greater than 90 and also smaller than 90 as indicated above. What were the authors thinking? I have added the page from the book that indicates what I have explained in my message Kenneth

Answered by Harley Weston.
2/5 as much time 2018-11-16
From Izzy:
If Patricia spent 3/8 of her time cleaning her room. She spent 2/5 as much time washing the dishes as she did cleaning her room. What fraction of time did Patricia spend Washing dishes? And it wants us to simplify our answer
Answered by Penny Nom.



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