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Solution Concentration 2008-12-06
From Manjola:
I mixed 100 ml of 28% Ammonium nitrate, with 100 mL of 68% nitric acid. What is the concentration of the resulting solution? Thank you
Answered by Janice Cotcher.
2500mL of Phosphoric acid 2008-04-09
From Trina:
If I have 2500mL of Phosphoric acid that has a fluoride concentration of 0.91% and need to increase it to 1.40% how much 49% HF do I need to add?
Answered by Harley Weston.
How do I convert mcg to ml? 2008-01-27
From David:
How do I convert mcg to ml?
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
13.78g /11.3mL 2007-01-05
From Judd:
13.78g /11.3mL
Answered by Penny Nom.



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