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Constructing a triangle 2013-08-22
From Nazrul:
The base, the difference of the angles adjoining the base and the sum of the other two sides are given. How can I draw the triangle?
Please help me.

Answered by Chris Fisher.
Constructing an isosceles triangle 2009-07-27
From Sanjay:
How to construct an isosceles triangle ABC with a base BC = 5.4 centimetre and altitude AD = 4.7 centimetre? Please help.
Answered by Janice Cotcher.
Construct a pentagon 2002-12-12
From Mary:
We were wondering what the instructions/formula, step-by-step, is to make a pentagon.
Answered by Chris Fisher and Penny Nom.
Constructing a tangent to two circles 2002-11-28
From Tom:
I have two circles, different sizes a known distance from each other. We know the radii of the circles. How do I construct a line that is tangent to both circles relative to the segment that connects the centers of both circles?
Answered by Chris Fisher and Penny Nom.
Constructing an equilateral triangle 2001-04-14
From Peggy:
Please send directions to make an equilateral triangle in plane geometry. I want each student to draw two, cut them out, and place them together to form a Jewish Star.
Answered by Penny Nom.



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