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The exponential function form f(x)=a^x 2012-08-13
From Lucy:
Why does the "a" value in the exponential function form f(x)=a^x have to be negative?

Answered by Penny Nom.
graph y=(2x^2-3x)e^ax 2010-05-31
From James:
graph y=(2x^2-3x)e^ax
Answered by Robert Dawson.
What is the derivative of (2^sinx)/(logbase4(2x+1))? 2008-09-16
From Jesse:
What is the derivative of (2^sinx)/(logbase4(2x+1))
Answered by Harley Weston.
Geometric sequence and basic functions (graphs) 2006-04-20
From Marlene:
Which of the basic functions is related to the geometric sequence: Linear, Quadratic, Rational, or Exponential? Can you give me an example of how it would be used in normal life?
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
Graphing F(x) = 3x 2000-11-06
From Jose:
graph the exponential problem F(x)=3x
Answered by Harley Weston.
Functions that satisfy f' = f 2000-03-16
From Kevin Palmer :
Recently my calculus teacher asked his students to try and find any functions whose derivatives where the exact same as the original function.

The only function then I have determined that statement to be accurate in is all the natural exponential functions. Ex. f(x) = ex, f'(x) = ex

If possible could you please email me all the functions that you can find in which the original function and its derivative is identical.

Answered by Claude Tardif.



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