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4 couples golfing 2013-07-06
From Brian:
We have 4 couples going on a 4 day golf vacation playing 4 rounds of golf. I have spent hours trying to set up a schedule that allows the 4 spouse to play together, and then each spouse to play with one of the other spouses (men with women) for the] other 3 rounds.
I would like the foursomes to be different as possible. Also, no-one should RIDE in a cart with the same person more than once.
I am not a math guy so I try to do this by working it out on paper, over and over again. It ain't working!!
If you can help, I am very thankful.

Answered by Victoria West.
Golfing with 8 or 12 2006-02-13
From Carolyn:
I have a couple of questions that my dad asked me and I do not think it can be done in the manner he wants it to come out to.

He is going on a golf trip in June. There are going to be either 8 or 12 players playing 4 rounds of golf.

The questions that he says will not work and I do not know how to figure it out either is

4 Rounds of golf is for sure. 18 hole Rounds each

4 Players to a group

Either 8 or 12 players can every player play with every player in a group at least once during those 4 rounds.

If this can be done can you give me the combinations for both 8 and 12 , so I can help out my dad. Along with how you you figure this out.

Answered by Penny Nom.



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