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Direct and inverse relationships 2009-04-06
From allison:
A piece of string is cut into n pieces of equal lengths L (1) does n vary directly or inversely with L
Answered by Penny Nom.
Inverse variation 2008-05-22
From leria:
In Boyle's law, the pressure of gas varies inversely with the volume of the gas. A volume of 11.2 liters of air exerts a pressure of 2.0 atmospheres.

determine the constant of variation and write an equation the models the relationship between the pressure of the gas P and its volume, V. Use the equation to predict the volume of air necessary to exert a presure of 0.25 atmospheres.

Answered by Janice Cotcher.
Direct and inverse Variation 2007-04-03
From liz:
how do you tell if an equation varies Directly or Inversely? ex.

x= 2y or


i know that if you have three numbers (x. y, z) that it varies jointly but how do you tell if it is Inverse or Direct?

Thanks for the Help!


Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
Direct and inverse variation 2007-03-03
From Rene:
Hi I'm Rene, I'm stuck with some problems in direct and inverse variation.

I know how to solve direct and inverse problems when only one variation is in a question at a time.

EX: p varies inversely as the square root of q, and when p=12, q=36 find p when q=16

12*6 =p*4

But how would you solve a problem like.....

If s varies directly as r and inversely as t, and s=10 when r=5 and t=3, for what value of t will s=3 when r=4 ?

Answered by Penny Nom.
Direct and Inverse variation 2006-10-27
From Vishalinee:

i'm not sure how to use the words direct variation and inverse variation to describe thre relationship between:

a. speed and distance
b.speed and time
c. distance and time.

and then i need to create equations using the descriptions. i am really messed up with direct and inverse variation.

Answered by Karen McIver.
Direct and inverse variation 2004-10-05
From Abraham:
Given that y varies inversely as x and x varies directly as z.If z is doubled then y is halved.Why is that true.Please explain.I'm having trouble understanding the different types of variation
Answered by Penny Nom.
d varies inversely with g 2004-09-07
From Ashlyn:
d varies inversely with g when d=-8 and g=2 a. write d as a function of g using function notation. b. find d(10).
Answered by Penny Nom.
Direct and inverse variation 2000-12-12
From Ashley:
I'm stuck on this unit of direct and inverse variation..please and my problems and show me how to do each PLEASE!!!

Assume that y varies directly as x

If y= -4 when x = 2, find y when x= -6

Assume that y varies inversely as x

If y =-4 when x=2, find y when x =-6

Answered by Penny Nom.



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